A Beginner's Guide to Macbook setup for web development

This is a beginner’s guide to setup Macbook for web development. The motivation for writing this guide is to help people get started with programming on a Mac, and as also a personal reference for myself.

A One Time Password (OTP) generator npm library based on nanoid

Mobile number has become the defacto user authentication mechanism in India and hence, OTP generation is a very common use case. otp-gen-agent is a Nano ID based small utility lib to generate OTP (one time password).

Use NVM and .nvmrc for a better Javascript development

Node Version Manager (NVM) is an open source version manager for Node.js (Node) and allows to easily install & manage different versions of Node and switch between them on a per-shell basis.

Understand Sub-documents & Nested documents in Mongoose

Mongoose is the most widely schema-based solution to model your application data in MongoDB. It includes built-in type casting, validation, query building, business logic hooks and more, out of the box.

Async Operations with AbortController & AbortSignal in Nodejs

AbortController is the standard way to abort any ongoing operations. AbortController and AbortSignal are now part of Nodejs LTS (originally introduced in v15.0.0). Modern apps usually don’t work in isolation. They interact with entities like other APIs, file system, network, databases, etc.