Mongodb Views: A Secure Way to Access & Share Data

Data access and sharing data across teams or third parties are a very common phenomenon. Sharing sensitive data is a strict no. However, why even share data which is irrelevant for the data consumer.

Mongoose Discriminator: The non DRY way to inherit schema properties

Mongoose Discriminator is another very useful and powerful yet underused feature of Mongoose. It serves as a means of schema inheritance, allowing you to use multiple models with intersecting schemas on the same underlying MongoDB collection.

Understanding Mongoose Pre and Post middleware hooks

Pre and post middleware hooks is a very useful feature in Mongoose and provides a lot of flexibility during database operations like query, create, remove etc. Pre and post hooks are functions that are executed before or after a particular action that you specify.

How to make Mongoose Queries faster & less memory intensive (The Lean Way)

Mongoose is a schema-based solution to model your application data in MongoDB. It includes built-in type casting, validation, query building, business logic hooks and more, out of the box. Mongoose offers various methods to retrieve documents from a collection, such as find(), findOne(), and findById().

Deep dive into Object.freeze() in Javascript

According to MDN, the Object.freeze() static method freezes an object. Freezing an object prevents extensions and makes existing properties non-writable and non-configurable. A frozen object can no longer be changed: new properties cannot be added, existing properties cannot be removed, their enumerability, configurability, writability, or value cannot be changed, and the object’s prototype cannot be re-assigned.