This is a beginner’s guide to setup Macbook for web development. The motivation for writing this guide is to help people get started with programming on a Mac, and as also a personal reference for myself. If any mistakes/updates are there; do let me know…


List of tools


I highly recommend to install iterm2 which is an alternative to Mac’s default terminal.

Few settings which I find very useful

a) New Session from previous let off: iTerm Preferences → Profiles → select your profile → General tab → Working Directory section → Reuse previous session’s directory option

b) Increase window size: iTerm Preferences → Profiles → select your profile → Window tab → Settings for New Windows → Increase values of Columns (140) and Rows (40)

c) Increase scrollback limit: iTerm Preferences → Profiles → select your profile → Terminal tab → Scrollback lines → Increase the value to say 2000

d) Open files in VS Code: iTerm Preferences → Profiles → select your profile → Advanced → Semantic History → Open with editor → VS Code


nvm & Nodejs

Use the following cURL or Wget command:

curl -o- | bash
wget -qO- | bash

I have written a detailed blog ‘Use NVM and .nvmrc for a better Javascript development’

zsh & oh-my-zsh

As of MacOS 10.15, zsh is the default over bash

VS Code

Google Chrome & Firefox

A Soft Murmur


You are all set up with your development setup. Enjoy the programming journey !

✨ Thank you for reading and I hope you find it helpful. I sincerely request for your feedback in the comment’s section.